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Maintaining your Mental wellbeing Amidst Life Challenges

Recently, I posted about a job opening and received an overwhelming number of applications. However, since we only needed two people, many applicants had to be turned down. I understand that those who weren’t selected might have felt disappointed.

Life is filled with either predictable or unpredictable experiences – disappointment, heartbreak, illness, or failures. Each experience has the ability to negatively affect our mental and emotional well-being if we let them.

Therefore, we need to take personal responsibility for our mental wellbeing by making out time to relax, surrounding yourself with trusted friends, studying your scriptures, praying and believing that when one door closes another opens.

Sometimes even when we have put in our best, it may still not be enough. Don’t worry, always pray about things, never be over confident and never be downcast regardless of the negative situation just keep moving.

Get in touch either for professional support if you are experincing mental, emotional or relationship challenges that is interfeing with your daily life.

In the meantime, drop your comments in the comment section of any experiences from the week that may have impacted your mental or emotional well-being and how you managed or is managing it. I will read your comments and provide feedback.

Please note: Only share what you are comfortable sharing.


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